The wonders of Old San Juan
through the eyes of an architect!

Two medieval castles, the second-oldest church in the western hemisphere and a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site are some of the unique world-class architectural jewels you will find surrounded by the historic walls of Old San Juan. I invite you to experience these and other historic landmarks with a two-hour architectural walking tour through the streets, buildings and public spaces of this beautiful 500-year old city, the oldest within the US territory.

While in Old San Juan, enjoy a fun activity enriched with amazing and entertaining information. Discover unknown facts and hidden places that you will not find with any guidebook or tour guide in Puerto Rico. A memorable event where I will share with you my 18-plus years of experience as a historical architect -working on the study, conservation and protection of this city and this Island.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first time visitor, coming to Puerto Rico for business or pleasure, or a local resident, looking for an original and fascinating experience for yourself, for an out-of-town friend or a client. Share a walking tour with me and you will never see Old San Juan the same way again!

Karen González-Jensen, M. Arch.
Historical Architect

About Archtours

Archtours is dedicated to organize the most professional tours focused on the rich architecture and unique history of Old San Juan. Our tours are offered by local historical architect Karen González-Jensen and are based on facts -they are not “food” or “ghost” tours. They are intended for an audience who wants to enjoy a memorable activity while visiting Puerto Rico, getting to know accurate, interesting and fun information about the history, architecture and culture of Old San Juan.

Groups are kept small (no more than 10 persons) to ensure a personal individualized experience. Tours are 2-hours in length and, even if they follow a general script, each will vary depending on the particular interests and response of each person and each group.

While in Puerto Rico, an architectural walking tour of Old San Juan is an ideal event for:

  • Conventions

  • Vacation experience –family cruise groups

  • Visiting professionals and dignitaries

  • Corporate events

  • Team building –morale events

  • New employee –intern socials

  • Field trips – students, seniors, clubs and social organizations

  • Wedding weekend activity - bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal showers